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On Saturday, October 30th, our Moreno Junior High School choir students auditioned to be part of the TMEA Region 14 MS/JH Region Choir. 39 of our students made the choir! MJH Choir Director, Mrs. Cara Luke, and ACJ Choir Director, Mr. Galaviz are extremely proud of their students’ hard work and dedication. Moreno Junior High students, staff, and administration are very excited about the future of our BISD Choral Program! 

CONGRATULATIONS to all students and choir directors on a job well done!

Abby Delbosque 1st Chair, 1st  Soprano

Brielle Batch 2nd Chair, 1st Soprano

Amarina Rai 17th Chair, 1st Soprano

Laylanny Gonzales 18th Chair, 1st Soprano

Sarah Alaniz 4th Chair, 2nd Soprano

Harper Green 9th Chair, 2nd Soprano

Lorelai Childress 13th Chair, 2nd Soprano

Ambrye Cortez 16th  Chair, 2nd Soprano

Alexis Martinez 17th Chair, 2nd Soprano

Ella Chancellor 19th Chair, 2nd Soprano

Lana Trevino 21st Chair, 2nd Soprano

Gabby Pesina 22nd  Chair, 2nd Soprano

Harley Villa 25th Chair, 2nd Soprano

Tori Pena 5th Chair, Alto

Tiffany Gonzales 7th Chair, Alto

Daniella Gonzales 10th Chair, Alto

Salene Marin 11th Chair, Alto

Tiffany Ortiz 15th Chair, Alto

Jaelynn Ramirez 17th Chair, Alto

Jaiden Moreno 19th Chair, Alto

Julia Martinez 21st Chair, Alto

Cameron Rosenbaum 24th  Chair, Alto

Njock Teke 4th Chair, 1st  Tenor

Roamn Caballero 7th Chair, 1st Tenor

Robert Coronado 12th Chair, 1st Tenor

Angel Candelario 2nd Chair, 2nd Tenor


Haiden Martin 3rd Chair, 2nd Tenor

Theodore Ramirez 11th Chair, 2nd Tenor

Fabian Brako 18th Chair, 2nd Tenor

Matthew Garza 19th Chair, 2nd  Tenor

Keegan Bledsoe 20th Chair, 2nd Tenor

Shiloh Villarreal 21st  Chair, 2nd Tenor

Kobe Amador 23rd Chair, 2nd Tenor

Preston Alvarado 6th  Chair, Bass

Jacob Villegas 7th Chair, Bass

Payton Ford 19th Chair, Bass

Trevor Fox 25th Chair, Bass

Scott Gross 27th Chair, Bass

Jonathan Martinez 28th Chair, Bass