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Reform Movement Essay: Students were to rank order the 19th century reform movements from most impactful to least. Then, they were to write an essay justifying their rankings using facts they have learned about each movement. The essay sheet may be found by clicking on the underlined title.

Study Island Assignment #13: Various Groups: Students had to complete at least 2 sessions (10 questions each) in order to receive the highest session score as their grade. Students may log on here.

Industrialization of the U.S. Test – Students completed this open-binder activity for a test grade during class on 2/5/2019. They were to complete it according to the directions, including adding arrows to indicate cause and effect on the 2nd page. The worksheet can be found by clicking on the underlined title.

Study Island Assignment #12: Industrial Revolution. Students may log in to complete the assignment here.

Westward to Home Group project was completed in class over the course of three days. Students had to “pack their wagons”, create a map, write two journal entries depicting life on either the Oregon, California, or Mormon Trails.

Study Island Assignment #11: Modifying the Environment. Students may log in to complete this assignment here.

Study Island Assignment #10: Westward Expansion. Students may log in to complete this assignment here.

U.S. Territorial Expansion Map – This assignment was completed in class for a grade. The map can be accessed by clicking on the assignment title. The directions for completing the map can be found here.

Louisiana Purchase Quiz: This quiz was taken at the beginning of class on Jan. 15th. The quiz may be accessed by clicking on the underlined title.

Northwest Ordinance Postcard Assignment – You are a settler in the Iowa Territory in 1844. Since Iowa was not a state, you could not vote inthe election of President Polk. You are to write a postcard to the Polk explaining how Iowa meets the requirements to become a state. Iowa was admitted into the Union in 1846, so make sure you date your postcard sometime between November 1844 (election of Polk) and 1846. The president’s address is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C.  This assignment is due 1/11/2019. The last day to make up this assignment is 1/25/2019.

2nd Reporting Period Notebook Grade – Students had classtime to organize their notebooks and place all 16 items in the correct order. The 2nd nine weeks covered the U.S. Constitution, Early Republic and Age of Jackson units. The grading rubric can be found here. Notebooks will be graded 1/11/2019. Last day to make-up this grade is 1/22/2019.


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