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Coach Bruene's Pre-AP American History Class

2018-19 American History Pre-AP Projects

Pre-AP students are required to complete one outside-of-class project every reporting period. Students will be given the assignment at the beginning of each grading period, along with the rough draft and final project due dates.

Portrait of George Washington early in the American Revolution.

1st Reporting Period Project – You have stumbled into a time machine that sent you back to 17th century Colonial America. To earn your way back to modern times, you must either a) convince your monarch to fund your exploration trip to North America or b) create an advertisement to attract enough settlers to a particular colonial region so it will survive. The specific directions for both assignments can be found by clicking here. The rough draft is due by Monday, Sept. 30, 2019. The final completed project is due by Friday, Oct. 11, 2019.

2nd Reporting Period Project – You are to create a birthplace marker, historical marker, or headstone for either a key person, battle, or event of the American Revolutionary War Era. You signed up for the specific type and topic in class on Tuesday, Oct. 22nd. The requirements of each type of project may be found by clicking hereThe rough draft is due by Wednesday, Nov. 13th. The final completed project is due Thursday, Dec. 12th.

3rd Reporting Period Project – You are to create a 3-D shape depicting an era studied in the first semester. The requirements of the project may be found by clicking here. The rough draft is due Tuesday, Feb. 4th. The final completed project is due Wednesday, March 4th.

3-D shape templates can be found by clicking on the title below:

Dodecahedron         Rhombicuboctahedron           Icosahedron       Small Stellated Dodecahedron



Library Resource Information – Click on this link for the TexQuest Library research information provided by Mrs. Rands. 


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