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Coach Bruene's Pre-AP American History Class

2018-19 American History Pre-AP Projects

Pre-AP students are required to complete one outside-of-class project every reporting period. Students will be given the assignment at the beginning of each grading period, along with the rough draft and final project due dates.

Portrait of George Washington early in the American Revolution.

1st Reporting Period Project – is creating either an historical marker, birthplace marker, or headstone for key events or people of the American Revolutionary War era. Students were given the assignment on 08/21/2018. The rought draft is due Sept. 12th. The final project is due Oct. 15th. Assignment sheet is found by clicking on the 1st Reporting Period Project title.

2nd Reporting Period Project – is creating a children’s book about the U.S. Constitution. The book is for 4th -6th grade level students, meaning your book contains written short paragraphs and accompanying illustrations. Students were given the assignment on 10/22/2018. The rough draft is due 11/12/2018. The final project is due 12/14/2018.

3rd Reporting Period Project – is creating a theme park centered around the people and events that shaped present-day United States.  The project’s blue print requirements include: (1) marketing strategy of park name, logo, and slogan; (2) a Manifest Destiny ride or activity; (3) a Major Reform Movement ride or activity; (4) a Significant Individual of the Reform Era ride or activity; (5) a US Economics ride or activity; and (6) a theme park sourvenir, song or detailed map. Students were given the assignment on 1/8/2019.  The rough draft is due 1/30/2019. The final project is due 2/27/2019. The assignment sheet is found by clicking on the 3rd Reporting Period Project title.

4th Reporting Period Project – is creating an American History Era 3-D Shape that depicts a singles era or unit studied. The rough draft is simply a list of topics for each side of your 3-D shape and is due April 5th. The final completed shape is due May 10th. The assignment sheet is found by clicking on the 4th Reporting Period Project title.





Library Resource Information – Click on this link for the TexQuest Library research information provided by Mrs. Rands. 


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