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5th Period 1:04 - 2:00

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from North High School in Des Moines, Iowa in 1976.

I graduated from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa in 1981 earning my BS degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education.

I graduated from University of Houston/Victoria in Victoria, Texas in 1988 earning my Masters of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Special Education.

Degrees and Certifications:

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Special Education.  

I have a Master’s of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Special Education.

My certifications I have earned are in Elementary Education and Special Education.


Professional Development:

Professional Development:

Conferences: Autism Conferences in Corpus Christi, Texas several times.


Current Position:

I started teaching in Beeville Independent School District in 1981. I taught Special Education classes at Thomas Jefferson Jr. High School for my first four years of teaching. I then moved to FMC Elementary School. I taught a variety of Special Education classes while working there for 28 years. When Beeville ISD reconfigured to grade centers, I worked one year at RA Hall Elementary School as a Special Education teacher. Finally, I moved to Moreno Jr. High School to work as a Special Education teacher. This is my fourth year at Moreno as a Special Education Life Skills teacher. I am beginning my thirty-seventh year of teaching here at Beeville ISD. I have always been a Special Education teacher and love my job. I have taught a variety of types of Special Education classes; resource room, content mastery, self-contained, inclusion, and life skills. 

Previous Position:

When I first graduate from Iowa State University, I had the opportunity to finish the school year out as a Special Education Assistant in the classroom where I had done my student teaching. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the teaching profession and to understand the importance and value of an assistant in a special education classroom.

Family Information:

I am not married and have no children. I have the most wonderful pets that are considered “my babies.” I am blessed to still have both of my parents. They are both ninety years old and are simply amazing people. My sister and her family live near my parents and we get together every opportunity we have. Family and friends are very important to me.  

Personal Information:

I love being at home spending time with my pets. Their individual personalities and quirky habits give me great joy and pleasure when at home.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. These precious people live in many states throughout our beautiful country; Arizona, Iowa, and Kansas just to name a few. I enjoy traveling to visit them whenever the school year schedule accommodates. Some of my most favorite places to visit as I travel are the National Parks across our nation. Being at home is my most favorite place to be. My home is considered a haven of rest for my family and friends. 


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5th Period 1:04 - 2:00