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361-358-6262 x 4041

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About Me

Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Conservation Wildlife Biology, BYU

M.S. Library Science, UNT


Current Position:

I am starting my twenty-second year in Beeville ISD, all at Moreno Junior High School.  I taught science, primarily 8th grade, for 10 years.  This is year twelve as the Librarian.

Previous Position:

Before becoming an educator, I worked my way through college.  I’ve worked as a waitress, managed a pet store, and worked at a veterinarian’s office as a technician and secretary.  I also worked as a substitute teacher.  After subbing at all levels, I knew junior high was where I belonged.

Family Information:

I am married and have two children.  My daughter is a college freshman and my son is a junior at A.C. Jones. He is in band, choir, and plays tennis and golf, along with various other activities. We have four cats and a turtle.

Personal Information:

I have a wide variety of hobbies that I enjoy in my limited spare time.  I enjoy geocaching, catching Pokemon, and traveling.  Of course I love to read!  I enjoy YA books, especially sci fi and fantasy, but don’t limit myself to those.  Fishing is another activity that I enjoy ( and wish I could do more often.) 

I am actively involved in Boy Scouts of America.  I am a former Webelos Den Leader and Scoutmaster.  I now serve on the district committee as the advancement coordinator.  I am registered with a Venture Crew  in Corpus Christi, as well. Ask me about Cavalcade at Philmont Scout Ranch. I look forward to my upcoming trek in July-10 days of hiking.

I have always enjoyed traveling.  I grew up as a Navy brat and moved frequently.  I have been to Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Spain, Bahamas, St. Marten, St. Kitts, Honduras, Belize, St. Thomas, USVI, England, France, Italy, Vatican City, Curacao, and Aruba.  We did drive through a small part of Austria but didn’t stop. I was born in the Philippines, but have no memory of being there.  I hope to add more countries soon.


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Classroom Number:
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361-358-6262 x 4041
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