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G/T Referrals – 2016-2017
G/T Referrals Spanish – 2016-2017



   7th and 8th grade gifted/talented  students are serviced in a special class.   This will be their third period class.    In both 7th and 8th grades students identify an area of personal interest in which they conduct extensive research leading to an original product.  Both classes have a designated computer lab allowing on demand access to the internet to conduct research.   When appropriate  they are partnered with a mentor who is a professional in the field of interest to the student.  These products are "showcased"  in January at an open forum for which the public is encouraged to attend.  Additional curriculum is created by the respective teacher.  

8th grade  students take an overnight field trip to Houston to visit a specific exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. In addition they visit Rice University where they receive a private tour of the Public Art on the campus.  There is no cost to the students for this trip.  It typically occurs in March.  




Contact Information

Moreno Junior High School
301 N. Minnesota
Beeville, Texas 78102

Office Hours   8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

7th Grade Schedule              

1st Period  8:00 - 8:50              

2nd Period 8:53 - 9:43  

3rd Period 9:46 - 10:30          

4th Period  10:33 - 11:23

LUNCH 11:23 - 11:53

5th Period 11:53 - 12:43

6th Period 12:46 - 1:36

7th Period 1:39 - 2:29

8th Period 2:31 - 3:21


8th Grade Schedule

Periods 1 through 4 

(same as above)

5th Period  11:26 - 12:16

Lunch  12:16 - 12:46

6th - 8th Periods

(Same as above)

Phone: 361-358-6262
Fax: 361-362 6094 (counselor)

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