Moreno Junior High

Inspiring Bold Innovative Leaders

Principal: Joni Barber

Administrative Assistant: Linda Ramirez

Consultant: Lisa Black

                                                           7th Grade Team                                                                            8th Grade Team

                                                           Assistant Principal: Corina Garcia                                              Assistant Principal: Matt Lohse   

                                                           Counselor Eunice Brandon                                                         Counselor Pam Cardona   

Through partnership with students, staff, parents, and our community, the mission of Moreno Junior High is to inspire bold innovative leaders by instilling a commitment to life-long learning and good character. We are committed to providing students the tools to become productive citizens through modeling and teaching the values of character education and career preparation in all aspects of life. Students, staff, and parents work together to create a partnership that develops a caring nurturing school community. Our students learn to respect and care for each other by building community in the classroom through a variety of strategies that put character in action. Numerous opportunities are provided for students and staff to exhibit and celebrate the values that are the basis of good character and preparation for success in life. Students have opportunities to participate in things like career explorations, character education, strengths identification, service learning, and extra-curricular events. MJHS is committed to preparing our students for a prosperous life through character, knowledge and confidence!